New Beginnings

My first strawberry
Can you tell this picture was taken by an 8-year old? Exactly where are the rest of our faces:)?

There must be something in the air around here. So many new, exciting things are happening all at once.
My friend Susan's baby, Jack, decided to take the world by storm six weeks prematurely. Though a bit of a shock, she and Jack are doing really well and he should be coming home from the hospital any day now.
Last Tuesday the 2nd grade baby chicks hatched right down the hallway from my classroom. I was able to hold one and show it to my students. I had never held a chick before. It was only 2 days old and was so soft and fragile.
I came home from school on Wednesday and discovered my first strawberry growing in my garden! I couldn't believe my eyes! It was green and only about 1/2 of an inch in diameter but it had appeared over night and was as good as gold to me. Since then a few more have sprouted and today I'm going to put netting around them so the birds don't eat them for lunch.
On Thursday morning our class caterpillars hatched into beautiful butterflies. It is such a wonder to watch the complete metamorphosis. My students are obsessed- they "sharpen their pencils" and "need a tissue" 20 times a day just to sneak an extra peek into the butterfly net. On Friday afternoon we'll let them go. Of course I will make a big production out of it and ask a few students to speak at the "ceremony".
This past weekend my friend Cara got married to her college sweetheart. Cara is from my highschool group of friends (what's up D-12). She and Teo married in Charleson, SC on Thursday and then we all flew into Atlanta on Friday for a weekend of festivities and celebration. This is the 2nd D-12 member to tie the knot and another is engaged. It's incredible that we've known each other since we were 12 and now we're flying places in support of one anothers' marriages. As I looked around this weekend at my friends I felt a surge of happiness. Here we are, teachers, councelors, fitness instructors, nurses, interior designers; we're Republican, Democrat, in between jobs, settled down, living all over the country. But we remember where we came from and how much we care about each other. So in a way it's like no time has gone by.
A week of so many new journeys- so cool.

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Stephanie said...

hey jess- your post made me realize that though we are all doing very different things we seem to all be in jobs where we are helping people improve something in one way or another. Helping people learn, heal, grow etc. I think that says a lot!

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