Splendid Spring!

Remind me why I live somewhere with seasons again? Now, don't get me wrong- I took advantage of the winter months. I skied, I drank hot chocolate, I sat by the fire, I wore cute scarves. However, these were all activites done with one purpose- to pass the time until spring arrived. Nothing beats that first feeling of sun on my face after months of deprivation, and that feeling stays with me all summer long. I'll do anything to be outside. I mean what girl in her right mind, who lives with a boy, would volunteer to mow the lawn? Twice! I just can't get enough! Just yesterday after work (after sitting in traffic for a full hour) I got home, planted some flowers, took Kenzie for a walk, went on a bike ride, went on a run and went on another bike ride! Madness!
There is a school of thought that the reason we enjoy spring so much is because we've suffered through the winter. That people who are accustomed to month after month of nice weather don't appreciate it like we do. I'll tell you what- get me 2 ski weekends and 361 days of spring weather and I'd never complain about another thing.

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