(Wo)man's Best Friend

Does anyone else talk to their dog like its a human being? I mean, not a word here and there but like full on conversations? I need to document this.

Things I've asked Kenzie since 11:45 a.m. (It's now 11:55)
1. Think I should hang this here?
2. Want to come outside with me?
3. Do you want me to spray you a little with the hose?
4. Don't you miss Chrisy?
5. Want to go for a walk?

I mean get real! I literally can't help it! She's just such a good listener! She has looked at me with that adorable little face each time and answered (with her eyes)

1. I think you should move it a little to the left
2. I'm kind of tired but I don't want to leave your side. So yes, I'll come with you.
3. I absolutely hate when you spray me with the hose, and you KNOW I absolutely hate when you spray me with the hose, but you do it anyway because you think I'm hot. I'm not hot!
4. Yes I miss Chrisy- I like how he rubs my belly. But he probably misses me more. I have him wrapped around my little finger.
5. She is currently answering this question- she is standing at the door looking at me like 'What the hell- you just asked me if I wanted to go for a walk! What are you waiting for?!'

So I better get the l-e-a-s-h.

Can I just say how much I LOVE her?

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