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#6 & #25

I want to make sure I always remember when and where I accomplish adventures on my Life List so I've decided to keep track here! I am always adding to it, but my Life List currently has 43 things listed. Some things are ongoing (#18 become a wine connoisseur- trying my best at this one!!), some are still totally out of reach (#13 travel to at least 6 continents) and some I don't have the willpower to attempt just yet (#24 stop biting and peeling my nails). However, I have completely checked off 10 of my goals so far and I'm in the process of completing a few more.

#1: Earn my Masters- I was able to check this off when I graduated from GW with my Master of Education in May 2007. There were times in the middle of the night when I was awake researching educational theorists and differentiation in the classroom that I thought this may not get accomplished! I was so very proud of myself walking across that stage to receive my diploma.

#2: Crush/stomp on grapes in a bucket to make wine- I honestly added this to the list after I watched Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson do it on an episode of Newlyweds (at least it was good for something!). It looked so fun and gooey! I got my chance in the fall of 2007 when my parents, Chris and I went to a local Virginia wine festival. We had been there all day. We'd tasted wines, gone on a hay ride and taken a canoe out for a spin when across the field I spotted what looked like someone dumping grapes into a silver bucket! We hustled over and wouldn't you know it, the man was preparing a grape stomping contest! Well you can guess who was first in line for that! I threw off my shoes and climbed right in and the grapes felt as peculiar, cold and squishy as I'd thought they would. it was awesome.

#6 & #25: Go to a vineyard and go to New Zealand (I killed 2 birds with 1 stone!)- Now, I didn't mean just any ol' vineyard, I meant an equisite, out of the ordinary one, and that is exactly what I got when I visited my friend Katie in New Zealand for New Years 2006. She lived in the city of Auckland and an ISLAND of vineyards was just a short boat ride away from there. It was a beautiful, sunny day and as we waited for the boat to arrive I can remember lying on street benches with our faces towards the sun. The boat dropped us off and we spent the day walking from vineyard to gorgeous vineyard, tasting fresh NZ wines. At one stop we bought a $50 cheese plate and were too zooted to find it irrational! "Oh but it's such good cheese!" I will never forget tasting those wines while laughing hysterically on the other side of the world.

#20: Go to Las Vegas and see Celine Dion in concert- I feel like Celine Dion is an alien. She has this move where she hits her chest so hard it looks like she's knocking the wind out of herself and I just can't get enough. Her voice is literally ridiculous and my brother and I have been obsessed with her for years, so when we found out she was coming to Vegas for a year, I put it on my life list as a 'must-do'. In November 2006 my mom, her friend Jeanie, Jason and I flew to Vegas and saw the concert we'd been waiting for. It was unbelievable!

#27: Go to Niagara Falls- I was able to cross this off the list when my parents, Chris and I went to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for a long weekend in October 2007. It was more stunning and extravagant than I could have imagined and we also had a blast exploring the area. We rode on the Maid of the Mist underneath the falls, sang karaoke at a local bar, watched the falls light up in rainbow colors and walked from one end of the falls to the other in awe.

#29: See a live taping of Ellen- This was a big one, considering that watching Ellen Degeneres' show is what inspired me to make a life list in the first place. She had a segment a few years ago where she helped people check things off their life list and I thought 'I need one of those!' So of course because I love her, being in the audience of her show was a top priority. I was in a bit of a rough patch in early fall 2006, and I walked into my parents' house with surprise, VERY happy news from my mom- she was going to meet me in California on my way home from NZ and we were going to see ELLEN! The experience was so cool! The big guest the day of our taping was Patrick Dempsey and I ended up on television and everything. It was wild.

#32: Join a community sports team- I was the organizer and team manager of the award winning 'I Got Your Dodgeballs' dodgeball team in spring 2009:) so we didn't quite make the play-offs, but we certainly deserved the title of most improved and next season we're going for the gold.

#3: Learn to play tennis- though in trying to check this off I took tennis lessons in 2008, I wouldn't exactly say I "know how to play tennis" yet so I've left it with a half check:).

Then of course there's #23 and #39: Complete a ropes course and take a flying trapeze lesson!

Next up on the list the 3rd week of September is #19: complete a triathlon! Though it's a "sprint" triathlon (everything is a bit shorter), I am still VERY nervous about this and I've been training every day. Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

guess who saw you on ellen??? MIAW!!! so cool, i had to rewind it of course, I was on the treadmill at my house... called laine right after:) oh, and let me know what how triathlon training is going... i'm going for a 1/2 marathon:o yikes... i have my doubts... but always wanted to do it! xo

Unknown said...

totally spelled muaw wrong...oops! and why does this say it's from dave?

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