Life List # 39: FLYING TRAPEZE!

The catch!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zytvc7xJHQ

OH MY GOSH so I just got home from my first flying trapeze lesson and it was unbelievable! The adrenanline rush is so strong that I'm still a bit shaky. I am totally hooked, I'm proud of myself, and I'm definitely going back!
I was able to correctly complete all of the basic positions (which is what I'm learning to do in the first video) so I attempted the "catch" and I did it! (which is what's happening in the second video). One of the women in my group literally asked me if I'm a gymnast because my "form is so good". HYSTERICAL! I have found my calling!

Don't tell anyone, but Chris has some quality secret juggling skills. My mom suggested that with his juggling and my trapezing, we should really go on tour and take the country by storm.

3 years ago I made a "Lifelist" and I committed to checking at least 2 things off of my list this summer. With the completion of the high ropes course (#23) and the flying trapeze, I'm off to a great start and I still have 4 weeks left of summer vacation!

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