Let's Go Fly A...

Life List # 31: Fly a Kite. I know, I know, this doesn't seem like a big deal. But I hadn't flown a kite for years and I remembered how much I used to love it.

A few weeks ago some of my family and friends spent our annual beach week in the Outer Banks. All week long I knew that before I left I had to finally fly a kite. However, because I am A. too lazy at the beach to roll over and B. a procrastinator, the idea of making it to the kite store was pushed to the night before we left- the same night that Hurricane Bill was set to roll through.

So I get it in my head that I absolutely can not leave the next morning without flying a kite right as everyone in the house starts packing up their belongings (please envision Big Mama's face when I announce that I must accomplish this immediately, after having been there ALL WEEK.) They all knew that I wouldn't let it go, so Jason drove me to the kite shop and I bought a fish kite off the clearance rack.

I wish I had the first flying attempts on video. Of course I had no idea what I was doing and thought that if I laid the kite on the ground, held the string and ran, good ol' Bill would carry it up, up and away. Negative.
1. Me running all over the driveway with the kite dragging along behind me.
2. My Aunt Tricia throwing the kite in the air and me running all over the drive way with the kite dragging along behind me.
3. Sabrina holding the kite in the air, running with me and letting it go while I continue running all over the driveway with said kite dragging along behind me.

"Uh... I thought it was easy to fly a kite?"

Then out came Chris. (Clearly everyone knew we weren't leaving unless this kite made it into the air.) Bless his heart, I wonder if sometimes he thinks he's dating a 5 year old. He must have tried to get the kite in the air for 15 minutes.
And then, as if the wind knew we were about to give up hope, it picked up the kite and carried it into the dark, cloudy sky. I began running for dear life to keep it in the air (I have since been told you can actually just stand there and it will still fly). Back and forth and back and forth I ran, screaming in delight. Such a simple thing brought me such pleasure!
As I felt the wind die down and watched my kite float to the ground, my family sighed with relief that I would finally start packing:).

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