South Africa

Elliot in the Morning (a radio station here) had a contest to come to South Africa when they take the show there in 2 weeks. The requirement was to send in a 2 minute video explaining why you should be chosen. Naturally, I hopped on the chance to win and made my video.

They announced the winner this morning and I wasn't chosen, but I'm still pretty proud of my video considering I sent it in one hour before the deadline. Check it out...


I mean who could have been more creative than that?!!

Anyway, the GOOD, INCREDIBLE news is that the entire third grade has been approved to go on a tour of the WHITE HOUSE the day I would have left for South Africa, so it's not all dissapointing:) I've never been inside the White House and I am so, so excited.

I'll just have to find another way to go on an African Safari!

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