2 Big Girls Take on 1 Dipsy Doodle

Ski Liberty- Night 13
This past Saturday Stephanie (aka 1/2 of "The Big Girl" duo) and I drove up to Ski Liberty for a quick 24 hours of tubing and skiing. The Big Girl and I hadn't been away together for a while, so I had looked forward to it all week. After gabbing the entire way up, we arrived at the 5-star Carrol Valley "Resort" (read: it is a dump) ready for action. We immediately grabbed dinner and some "beverages" at the tavern, had an in-room dance party in our long johns, and boarded the tubing bus.
When we arrived at the tubing location it was 8:30 and the next available tubing session was not until 9:00. But here's the thing with the Big Girls. We don't just go places. We take them over. So we casually walked over towards the tubes, grabbed 2, and by 8:31 we were headed up the mountain. 2/3 of the way down our first run, we lost speed, stopped dead in the middle of track and wondered what was wrong with us that we couldn't make it to the bottom. We quickly learned we were in the middle of the kiddie lane, generally reserved for 2 to 4 year olds. Now, while we may be very fit (ha), we do carry a little more poundage than your average toddler. So once we got in line with the adults, the rest of our runs flew by at lightening speed.
On the way back to our hotel room, we stopped at the restaurant to buy a small snack only to find out that there was a $10 minimum to use a credit card. Now, this may have deterred another duo. But (you guessed it) not us. We left with 2 oatmeal raison cookies, peanut M&Ms, cheese crackers and 3 waters, and watched the Olympics in bed like little fat girls.
The next morning we awoke bright and early, got some breakfast and hit the slopes. We skied as many runs as we could before the sun turned the snow into a mixture of slush and glue. For old time sake and to relive our childhood, we even ended the day skiing down our all time favorite green, Dipsy Doodle. We have plans to take over west-coast skiing one weekend next winter. But until then, Ski Liberty did just the trick.

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