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So! I have a running joke with my friend Katie's dad. He gives me a hard time about the amount of traveling I do, and in return, I rub it in his face:). (Mike- the recent trip to Cancun was AWESOME). Anyway, at the end of 2009 he told Katie that he was going to keep a secret "Jessica Travel Calendar" on his desk at work. He wanted to mark off how many days 0f 2010 I don't sleep in my own bed and give it to me at the end of the year (hilarious, right?!) So I got to thinking... maybe I'll just make it easier on him and record my 2010 travels here! This way I will always remember my adventures, and at the same time I can make Mike really jealous (the whole reason I travel anyway). And if I can give someone a great idea for a trip (you deserve it! TAKE ONE!) or a little R&R while I'm at it, that would make my day. So buckle your seat belts and dance, dance, dance. We only get this one, awesome life to squeeze it all in. What are you going to do to make today memorable?

1.1.10-1.3.10- Nights 1&2
I rang in the New Year at Schooner's Wharf in Key West, Florida with Chris, my mom and Jason. I actually arrived in Florida on 12.29, but that was so 2009. So it's not in the running. As I already wrote, we had a fantastic time. We watched the last sunset of the year from a rooftop deck, ate crepes at our favorite Croissants de France (think nutella, bananas, and peanut butter in a crepe topped with vanilla ice cream OMG), and counted down to 2010 right on the water. It was a great way to start the year.
1.16.10- Night 3
I took the VRA (Virginia Reading Assessment) that Saturday morning, and I cried all the way home from taking the exam. I knew I failed. Was sure I failed. And did I mention I had procrastinated on taking the exam for so long that I had ONE chance to pass before the deadline, and if I failed I would lose my job? Well, no sense in crying over a little spilled milk (or my CAREER)! I headed to Baltimore for some much needed Katie time. As soon as I arrived I stopped thinking about what I'd do if I lost my job, and she cheered me right up.
P.S.- I passed the exam :)
1.17.10- Night 4
The next day I got back from Baltimore (having made a wonderful mid-morning detour to Columbia, MD for my friend Sabrina's sister's baby shower) and repacked my suitcase and headed to Gettysburg, PA with Chris for the rest of the long weekend. That night we had dinner at The Dobbin House Tavern, where we ate sitting in 2 lazy boys by the fire (phenomenal). The next day we had a great time skiing @ Ski Liberty, and by "great time" I mean I had fun and Chris did his version of the "pie" and skied backwards half way down the mountain.
1.29.10-2.3.10- Nights 5-9
For Christmas, Chris gave me a trip to Cancun for the end of January. It worked out perfectly, because unbeknownst to him, he had planned it over teacher workdays so I only had to miss one day with my students. We had both been really busy at work so the opportunity to get away together meant a lot. The second we arrived at Le Meridan hotel, we went into relaxation mode, and relax is all we did for 6 straight days. We ate, we laid by the pool, we walked on the beach, we laid by the pool, we talked for hours, we read, and we laid by the pool. It was FANTASTIC. In the hotel business center, I even came across a treasure of a book, called Nineteen Minutes by Jody Piccoult. Read it. She hooks you on page 1 and you'll never look back.
Mexico is a fail-proof vacation destination. It's always warm, and waking up to the sound of crashing waves isn't too shabby either.
2.5.10-2.7.10- Nights 10&11
We arrived home from 80 degree weather only to find out that Virginia was expecting a 2-3 ft. blizzard that Friday, the day my friend Rosemary was supposed to come visit me from New York City. Ro is moving to Australia at the end of the month to earn her PhD, and her trip here was going to be our last hurrah for a while. On Thursday night I found out 2 things: school was cancelled on Friday (aka no work for me) and Ro had had to cancel her train ticket down here (big bummer). Where was it NOT going to snow 3 feet over the weekend you ask? New York City. So there I went. If Ro couldn't get to me I was going to go to her. And my mom was headed there anyway to see Jason in a show, so someone had to keep her company, right?
The weekend was filled with laughter. We had tea at a tea room called Alice's Tea Cup, saw An Education, and watched Jason sing for a famous Disney composer. Very cool. And best of all? I got to give Rosemary a great big 'I love you' hug before she heads across the world. xo

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Katie Engdahl said...

I absolutely love this post! Can I help fulfill some of those nights away from home with a trip of our own! ha! Can't wait to see you tonight for dodgeball.

Love, lil Katie

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