Cupid's a Fine Fellow Indeed!

2.13.10-2.14.10 Night 12
The Big Kat, Big Mama, Chris and I spent our third annual Valentines Day together this past weekend! We headed to Gettysburg, PA on Saturday and arrived in time to explore the town and eat lunch. That night we found a bowling alley (surprise!), where I bowled an impressive 47 (unfortunately I'm serious) and returned to the Dobbin House Tavern, where Chris and I had eaten on our getaway a few weeks before. We were greeted with roses and seated at a booth that looked like an old-time canopy bed (so cool!). About mid-way through our meal a man in knickers serenaded us with a celtic song, and then, upon asking the ladies our names, made up a song entitled, and I'm not joking here, "Gentle Jessica and Flower Peggi". Before I knew it, my dad (whose voice is better suited for I Got Friends in Low Places than Flower Peggi, and Chris (whose singing repertoire consists of imitating Bing Crosby in the Christmas classic Silver Bells) started singing along. Those of you who know these two, please stop and imagine this for a moment. By the end of the tune, I was literally laughing so hard that I had a stomachache and tears streaming down my face.

The next morning we awoke bright and early to find that my dad had already gone downstairs to the hotel lobby to find coffee. Now, this is a man who thinks you "ring in" to the internet (read: sign on) so you're just happy when he returns in one piece.

We ate a wonderful Valentine brunch at the Lincoln Diner (a favorite of ours from years ago) and walked through a Civil War museum. Then we got in the car and drove to Ski Liberty for a little TUBING! The Big Kat, Chris and I flew down the mountain at lightening speed while Big Mama, more comfortable with both feet on the ground, relaxed in the lodge. Despite the Big Kat's version of "snow gear" (a camouflage hunting one piece) he looked like a true pro out there and I was SO HAPPY that we got to do that together. I even tied my tube to his for a run and screamed in his ear all the way down the mountain. All in all the trip was a total success.

Cupid sure was good to us this Valentines Day. Chris, the Big Kat, Flower Peggi, and I, Gentle Jessica, had a really wonderful time.

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