Ho Ho Ho and Happy New Year!

Snowy Hike

Robinson cousins on Thanksgiving!

Our stockings
Jason (with the purse)

Happy New Year!at the shooting range

In the weeks between Thanksgiving and the start of 2010, I did so many wonderful things that I'll always want to remember. I know it's a little late, but I'm snowbound inside my house and finally have some time!
Here we go:
-Thanksgiving started the holiday season off perfectly with our first ever Robinson family wine tasting. If I could remember it I'm sure we had a great time :) HA
- I went to NYC w/my mom and Chris to see Jason in a show. While we were there we also saw Up in the Air, had hot chocolate at a Viennese cafe in The Plaza hotel (so Jason and I could reminisce about our time in Vienna!) and my friend Ro came down from NJ and finally met Chris!
- Jason and I saw The Washington Ballet's The Nutcracker
- Kenz and I went sledding in my parents' backyard and one of Jeff's bulldogs actually got in the sled ALONE and sled down the hill (hilarious)
-Jason got me hooked on Law and Order:SVU (and by this I mean we literally didn't do anything for hours except watch Det. Stabler and Benson solve riveting crimes)
- My mom, Jason and I went to see the ICE sculptures on the National Harbor. I made Jason hold my purse so I could take pictures and consequently, in every shot, he's holding a Louis Vuitton. I am laughing out loud right now thinking about it.
-Chris and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary with an awesome trip to the Shenandoah! We ate great food, went on a snowy hike on Skyline Drive, and even went bowling in the middle of nowhere (because we are THAT cool)
- The Big Kat, Jeff and I went to the shooting range so my dad could "sight in" his hunting rifle (no idea) and I shot a gun for the first time. It was all fun and games until an 87 year old woman set up shop right beside me and started shooting not one, but TWO 44 magnums (think Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies) as quickly as she could, not a care in the world (read: no AIM whatsoever) and I thought I might lose a limb
-Chris and I saw A Christmas Carol @ Ford's Theater
- Jason, Big Mama and I went to the Bull Run Festival of Lights where Jason and I sang our yearly rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas as we drove through
- Chris and I started a new tradition by exchanging Christmas ornaments for our tree. I gave him a fish ornament that looks like our ridiculous mailbox (a symbol of our first house together, etc.) and he brought me a hand painted ornament from his trip to Pakistan
-The entire Robinson and Wood families had an unforgettable Christmas Eve (Let's hear it for Big Mama!) where, thanks to modern day technology, we even got to watch Jack "talk" to Santa Claus at the North Pole!
- The D-12 had a Christmas party @ Erin's new house and Kate and I relived our middle school days by going out in Reston Town Center
- Our Robinson family Christmas Day movie this year was It's Complicated and our dinner spot was M&S Grill
- Chris and I hosted a Christmas cocktail party @ our house the night the FIRST big blizzard of the winter began (and proceeded to get snowed in for the next 3 days!)
- Last, but CERTAINLY, not least, Big Mama, Jason, Chris and I went to Key West, Fl for a little R&R and rang in the New Year at Schooner's Wharf!

Looking forward to a 2010 full of as many wonderful memories!

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