Four weeks ago, my friends Nina, Beth and I launched a Biggest Loser competition at our school. We wanted to encourage people at our school to get moving after the holiday break, and what better way to do it than an all out, cut-throat competition? We are competing on a basis of percentage of weight lost, and to sign up we each chipped in $25.00. We got so many people to sign up that the BIGGEST LOSER is going to win SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. Now I don't know about you, but I'll STARVE myself for $700.00!! My strategy is much like Apolo Ohno's when it comes to winning gold in men's speed skating: hang in the back of the pack and look unassuming until crunch time, then swoop in for the kill. At least this is the plan I'm banking on considering I've only lost 1 pound HA!
It only took a few days for the competition to turn ugly. 2 days after we started, I delivered an ice cream sundae to my teammate Nina. Since then one of our friends has brought in donuts for breakfast, and one walked around with Starbucks pastries. Just today Nina had her student walk over and offer me a tray of cupcakes that were oozing chocolate. NICE TRY SUCKA!!
Regardless of how this turns out (Carrie- you better watch your back) I am just happy to get people up and moving until Spring Break. The camaraderie in the hallways and laughter throughout the weigh-ins has been awesome. And the new Louis Vuitton I'm going to buy with my winnings won't be too shabby either :).

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