1/2 Marathon (Syke!)

My friend Stephanie and I decided at the beginning of January that we wanted to train for a 1/2 marathon near the end of March. Now, maybe this was being ambitious. We're talking about 2 girls who can not comfortably run 3 miles, much less 13. We immediately joined a running group and by the end of the first meeting, the coach was saying the following...
"Ummmm... so it's really the 1/2 marathon you want to run?"
"And how many miles can you comfortably run right now?"
"Maybe I would think about setting your 1/2 marathon goal for a little bit further in the future."

I'm not sure what gave us away.

So now instead of each running 1/2 of a marathon, we're going to split up a 1/2 marathon and run it as a relay. With a third person. The distances are 5 miles, 5 miles and 3 miles. HA Ok so maybe we aren't exactly doing what we originally intended, but at least we're completing the race in some capacity. We recruited Chris' athletic friend Hubbel as our 3rd team member (team name JesSteBbel) in an effort to help us not finish dead last. It should be fun- we get to run all over the National Mall and my family will be there to cheer us on. I'll let you know how it goes!

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