Jack Turns 3!

Yesterday my cousin Shana had most of the Robinson Clan over to celebrate her son Jack's 3rd birthday and we had such a great time! We grilled out, drank sangria, and marveled over how absolutely precious Jack is. I don't hang out with 3 year olds very often (in fact I don't think I know another 3 year old!), but Jack has got to be the sweetest 3 year old this side of the Mississippi.

I'm not sure if it's that I am really good with children or if I just actually am 5 years old, but I ended up keeping Jack entertained for a really long time. We played such favorites as 'smoosh Jessica's face into a million different positions as she talks in funny voices' and 'bang on the drums while Jessica sings 'Old McDonald' into a light up microphone'.

We also played hide and seek, and what I noticed immediately was how much he had improved his game since Christmas time. When we played over Christmas, as I looked for him and said things like 'I wonder where Jack is?!' and 'Has anyone seen Jack?!' he would yell from his hiding spot, "I'M HERE!! I'M HERE!!"
Last night, first round, he hid in the cupboard and only came out when I threatened to eat his cake. He's half Robinson- give him a break.

I could have stayed there all night. It was great to celebrate with my family, awesome to watch my Grandmommy watch her great-grandson blow out his candles, and a delight to play with Jack. As my dad said on the way home, we just have so much to be thankful for.

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shana said...

JESSICA!!!! You are too cute... we do have so very much to be thankful for! Thank you so much for helping to make his day so special! Love you!!!

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