The OCD Has Got to Stop

Ok. I have arguably had obsessive compulsive disorder since I was in elementary school and it's time to talk about it publicly (HA). I can vividly remember in 6th grade thinking that if I didn't for instance, put my pencil in my desk a certain way that something bad would happen. My favorite number is 5 and in middle school before I left for summer camp I had to do everything 5 times. Kiss the dog 5 times, hug my parents 5 times, shut my bedroom door 5 times.

In 8th grade I went to London and brought back a squeaky toy for our family dog, Molly. It ended up in the corner of the landing on the stairs and one time on my way up I stepped on it once with my left foot and once with my right foot. TO THIS DAY, 13 YEARS later I'm still paying the price. I STILL step on the corner of the landing of the stairs at my parents house once with each of my feet on my way up AND down their stairs. The most ridiculous part? It's a different house and THE TOY ISN'T EVEN THERE ANYMORE. So now I'm just tapping the floor! Can you imagine me when I'm giving a tour or I'm in a hurry? I don't know what people think I'm doing standing there staring at the wall doing some sort of tap dance.

I don't live with my parents, so thankfully I am only reminded of my 'Squeaky Toy Syndrome' every couple of weeks when I'm over there. However, I now have bigger fish to fry because for the past year I have had an obsession with lining up my shoes when I take them off. Perfectly. Every. Time. It's ridiculous. The joke is actually that I will throw my clothes all over the floor but you better believe my shoes are lined up. When I first realized it wasn't just a habit but an "issue", Chris would even walk by them and nudge one a little just to make himself laugh. One morning at my parents' house after I had spent the night, I came downstairs (tapping the corner on my way down!) to find a note from my dad on the ground by my shoes. He'd drawn an arrow and written on it 3/4 in., as in he wanted to point out that the shoe the arrow was pointing to was 3/4 of an inch in front of my other shoe.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there so that in case in the years ahead I turn into Howard Hughes, you can all look back and say "And we thought that was weird". :)

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