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Erin, Chris and me :)

Katie on the mike

Yummy cake!
Baltimore, MD
3.13.10 Night 16
This past Saturday around 6:00 pm Chris and I headed to Baltimore, MD for the night to help my friend Katie celebrate her 27th birthday. In the car with us we had our overnight bags, the cake I baked her, and perhaps the best invention ever...the American Idol Wii game.
On the way there, Chris and I followed our usual car ritual- we chatty chat chatted for a while and then listened to a little EconTalk pod cast (yes- we are dorks).
We got to Katie's house by 7:15 ready to party. Soon after we arrived, Chris asked her if she was having an 80's themed birthday party.
"Oh why, because of the music we're playing?" she says.
"Well yeah and your outfit..."
Only they weren't having an 80's themed party, this was just Katie's actual outfit choice. Hilarious.

The entire night was a blast. We ate, we danced, we played games...and then we plugged in the holy grail of perfect party ridiculousness, Americal Idol. For two hours straight we sang our hearts out for Simon, Paula and Randy (The version we have clearly hasn't been updated to include Cara and Ellen). Some of our hits included Livin' on a Prayer, Big Girls Don't Cry, and Life is a Highway. While receiving some positive feedback, we mostly heard things like "That sounded like a cat getting its tail cut off". 2 words: Judges. Tonedeaf.

We woke up the next day and had a yummy lunch with Katie near her house before heading home. While I lobby regularly for her to get transfered to DC, the hour drive to Baltimore and back isn't so bad. Especially when the time in between is so incredibly fun.

Here's to another great year, Kate! xo

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