Ok! So about a month and a half ago my teammate and I set up for our students to be pen pals with students at an elementary school in Reston, VA. One of our writing standards is to teach them how to write a friendly letter, so we thought we'd make it interesting and have them actually write back and forth with a child their age. Needless to say they were SO EXCITED to begin. I even sent a letter to the parents requesting real stationary so they could write 'in style'.
We sent all 25 letters (stickers, pictures and all!) across the county and when I walked back in from placing them in the mail, one of my students said:
"Do you think we'll get letters back from them by the end of the day?"

A few days after we sent the letters, Snowpocalypse hit the Northern Virginia area. This, of course, delayed the process of our pen pals writing back to us. Every day at least 4 of my students would ask," When do you think they'll send us letters back?" And I mean Every. Single. Day. I know I have an answer for everything, but this was ridiculous.

Finally, one morning last week I went to my mailbox to find a huge envelope full of letters. I rushed back to my classroom and as my students came in I told them the great news. The letters had arrived (so you can stop freaking asking me about them!!!) Here is the first sentence from one that my student received:

Dear Ryka,
You have bad handwriting.

I'm not kidding.
Here is what she decided to write back:

Dear Jada,
I DO NOT HAVE BAD HAND WRITING. But you have poor grammar.

Soooo it looks like we're off to a really great start of making new friends.

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