Proud Sister

I am the VERY proud sister of 2 older brothers, Jason and Jeff. I could go on for hours about what they mean to me (and I do, quite often) but right now I just want to toot their horns a little bit.

My oldest brother Jason lives in New York City. He's a professional singer and also teachers voice at a college there. Here are 2 clips of him singing his heart out:



My brother Jeff took after the Big Kat and started his own company a few years ago. It is a shutter and blind company and he does really beautiful work. If you live in the Northern Virginia area and need new shutters and/or blinds, give him a ring!
Here is his website:


There are few blessings in life sweeter than having a brother and thanks to the Big Mama and the Big Kat I get two. I think they're the greatest 2 brothers any little sister could ask for.

We are J1, J2 & J3- not the same without the others and always better together.

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