World Premiere!

OH MY GOSH! This afternoon I went to the WOLRD PREMIERE of the new movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and it was absolutely awesome! The teachers at the school where my friend Sabrina works entered their elementary school in a national contest to host the world premiere of the movie and W-O-N! Can you imagine being 10 years old and finding out that the premiere of a movie is going to be shown at your school?! Incredible!

The movie is based on a series of books by Jeff Kinney and my students love the series so much that they've been counting down the days until opening weekend for weeks. I literally thought they were going to faint today when I surprised them with the news that I was leaving early to attend the premiere. Four of my students had their books with them, so I brought those and the copy from our school library in hopes of stalking the author and bullying him into giving me autographs.

When I arrived at the school I couldn't believe the scene! The people from 20th Century Fox had been there all day and had set up a red carpet, lights, ropes, the works. They had brought every student a DoaWK t-shirt, poster, and goodybag. News stations from around the area were camped out in the parking lot, photographers swarmed the entrance, and the safety patrols guarded the area like security guards (adorable!). Budding 6th grade journalists even lined the red carpet waiting to interview the stars.

A few minutes after I arrived, the Escalades carrying the actors, the director and Jeff Kinney came into view. They hopped out and made their way down the red carpet, stopping for pictures, autographs and interviews. Meanwhile, I of course am leaning all over the movie's press team with my humongous camera in an attempt to get pictures to bring back for my students. Clearly I looked like one of the professional photographers I was standing on (or I just looked crazy), because a girl from the press team came up to me and said:

"Um...are you with FCPS?"
"You're the FCPS photographer, right?"



(Technically not a lie. I am with FCPS and was acting like a photographer.)

"Ok, well let me give you the Diary of a Wimpy Kid badge to put around your neck so that no one tells you to move."


Because of this badge, Sabrina and I got to walk into the building with the actors and the author, and I was able to ask Jeff Kinney to sign not just the copy of his book from my school library, but all 4 of my students' books too! I can not WAIT to get to school tomorrow and show them how successful I was. This will make me the coolest person ever for at least 5 minutes.

We watched the movie in the school gym with 400 students, Jeff Kinney, the actors, and the director. I laughed, ate popcorn, and got to see the author watch his books come to life. Who needs Hollywood with a fairy tale day like that?

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