And That Makes 3...

So my classroom started out this school year with one new fish and one new hermit crab. One week later we had named our fish Bill and the hermit crab was dead. I don't know what it is about hermit crabs- I can not keep them alive. I had one when I was younger who drowned itself in its water shell, and another one who crawled out of its shell and collapsed. It was traumatizing.

I realized our class hermit crab was dead after listening to my students say "Ummm... the hermit crab is in the same place as it was yesterday" for 3 days straight. I know this is wrong, but for a few days after that I picked up its shell while my students weren't in the room and moved it from place to place. Hey- You try telling 25 8 year olds that their pet is dead. I already went through it last year with Bob the fish and it wasn't pretty. And furthermore, who the hell goes to the pet store and buys the ONE hermit crab that is on its last leg?! I had the right to pretend that I got my money's worth for a few days.

After breaking the sad news, I of course told them that I would immediately go out and buy a new hermit crab for our classroom. 7 months later the empty cage still sits, full of sand and a fake, fluorescent tree, waiting for an inhabitant. And every few weeks one of them will ask me "Soooo when do you think you'll get around to buying us that hermit crab?" A few months ago one of my students even brought in a fake hermit crab to sit in the cage. Pathetic.

So anyway, last week at school my friend Robin told us that they are currently selling water frogs at Hallmark and offered to buy a few for my teammates and me. I had looked into land frogs before, but the idea of feeding them crickets everyday had made me nauseous. But since these are water frogs, they don't eat crickets! And because they live in water, there's no chance of them drowning. This seemed like something I could handle.

My students were beside themselves. These 2 frogs trump the lame hermit crab idea any day of the week. We brainstormed name possibilities and voted on them (because we're a democracy and by that I mean I am actually the dictator) and some of the choices they came up with were Slick, Kermit, Cuddles, and Dusty. But of all the names they came up with, the majority of the votes went to none other than Six Pack and Michael Jackson.

Yes, oddly enough I'm serious. Tied with Michael Jackson was actually Lil' Wayne, but I made the executive decision not to name our frog after a rapper who is in jail right now for gun possession. They also decided that Michael Jackson will be the lighter colored frog because "the real Michael Jackson was pale." Weeellll...

When I fed the frogs on Friday, I was more than alarmed to see that Michael Jackson was either a. trying to eat Six Pack or b. trying to get a little Six Pack (if you know what I'm sayinggg). I attached a video of it so you can see what I mean- It's so shocking! And I'm already growing attached to the little guys so it totally freaked me out! So help me if I walk in tomorrow and one of them is dead, I am calling off all future pet purchasing endeavors in my classroom. Wish me luck!

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