Cherry Blossom Festival!

I love D.C.! I love living here, I love exploring here, and I love having so many wonderful things to do right at my fingertips. As part of our Easter festivities, Jason and I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival today and everything looked absolutely beautiful. We walked around the Tidal Basin with Kenzie for over 2 hours and talked under the canopy of Cherry Blossom trees.

As most of you know, Jason and I spend the majority of our time together making up rhyming songs, singing our conversations, and playing games that only the 2 of us find amusing. Today's game was to see who could swap back and forth faster between saying 'Cherry Blossoms' and 'Chelly Brossoms'. We literally walked around in between thousands of people while doing this. Cherry Blossoms, Chelly Brossoms, Cherry Blossoms, Chelly Brossoms. Needless to say, a. people probably thought we were strange and b. we spent the afternoon in our own little world, laughing hysterically as usual :).

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