A Little Piece of Heaven...

Key West, FL
3.27.10-4.3.10 Nights 17-23

That's correct, I am 26 years old, I just returned from Spring Break, and I am happy as a little clam about it. I mean- if my students get a break, I should too, right? :) Thank goodness I chose a career that can accommodate my travel schedule!

My mom, my brother, my friend Sabrina, my Aunt Tricia (whom I call Pat, as in PATricia) and I spent the last week in Key West, which we know so well now it's like our home away from home. This is our 3rd annual Spring Break together and the 4th time in a year and a half that I have gone to Key West. I absolutely love it there and each time I go I discover more hidden treasures.

This time around we did what we always do: eat, lay out, eat, laugh, read, lay out, explore, and eat. The 5 of us make wonderful travel companions and we had an absolute B.L.A.S.T.

I also want to point out that I believe this trip puts me ahead of Mr. Guthrie for nights not spent at home in 2010. I'm just saying.

Here is the video I made of our trip! FYI, the quality of the pictures are much better when you don't watch it in 'full screen'.

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