It's a Black Tie Affair

Here is the one picture we managed to get taken of us before we left to come home!

I was annoyed that we'd only gotten one picture, so we just had to take matters into our own hands.

Every special occasion needs at least one prom photo! Unfortunately for us, we had to take them separately because Kenzie has not yet mastered the art of taking pictures.

Last night Chris and I attended a black tie dinner in the city to honor Akbar Ganji, an Iranian author and democracy activist. Now, while I am impressed by everything this man has achieved, let's be honest ladies: it's really all about the shoes.

You have to remember that I spend my entire day running around with 8 year olds. So fancy heels (unless you're my friend Nina) are unrealistic. I leave the house every single day in shoes with less than half an inch heel on them. In fact, you're lucky if they're not Rainbows. So when I found out we were invited to this function, the first thing I thought was black tie dinner = permission to buy new gorgeous heels.

But when to find the heels?! We only found out we were invited 10 days ago, and that's not a lot of time to find something appropriate to wear when you spend all day at work. The last thing I want to do when I leave school is go to the mall!

Lucky for me, I have a personal shopper!
Name? Big Mama. Motto? Shop 'til You Drop.

The second she found out about the dinner she went into hunt down mode. She scoured the racks while she was out running errands and told me which stores were worth going to. This exercise cut my mall time in half. She ended up finding me the dress and the heels I wore last night. If it weren't for her I'd have shown up in workout shorts.

The event was a total blast. The speakers were interesting, the people we were seated with were funny, and I got to see Chris in a tuxedo (H.O.T.) The best part was that I got to wear KILLER big girl shoes for a whole night :).


Hanky & Harvey Group said...

Love love love the dress!! Perfect!! and the shoes! glad ya'll had fun!!

Tasheia J. Watkins said...
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