The 3 B's and an OMG

Baltimore, MD 6.4.10-6.6.10
Nights 29-30

I spent this weekend in Baltimore for my best friend's little sister's bachelorette party. I had a total blast except for one slight mishap, but I will tell you about all of the fun we had first.

Baltimore, Becca, Bachelorette!
Here I am with Kate. She did such a great job planning her sister's big weekend. On Friday night we had a big girls night out on the town, and on Saturday night she threw a party at her house and her uncle's band played a concert there!
 Here's the Bride to Be with her dad, Mike! He played beer pong for the first time on Saturday night and it was quite the spectacle. He yelled with excitement every time someone sunk a shot, even if the person was on the other team. He's a natural!
Here we are listening to the band play on Saturday night at Katie's house. They were so great, and Katie and Becca even got on the mic!
Chris came up for the night on Saturday to boogie down with me. Please take notice of my normal looking face, because this is what I looked like before I went to bed.

Here in lies the ridiculousness that is the
OMG Eye Cream Debacle. Get ready for this one.

Yesterday I took 2 showers, one in the morning and one before we got ready for the night. After both of them, I used Katie's Bobbi Brown eye cream. It was sitting next to her sink with her face moisturizer, and though I don't regularly use Bobbi Brown eye cream, I do use and trust all of her other face lotions. But after sloshing it on twice, I thought to myself This feels like sand. Why would Bobbi Brown make eye cream that feels like sand? All night long my eyes stung a little bit, but I thought it was just because I was tired. I washed my face before I went to bed and did not use the sandy eye cream this time.

Cut to 9:00 this morning when I awoke and tried to open my eyes. They were so puffy that they were almost swollen shut and I could tell without looking in the mirror that something was very wrong. I immediately and frantically woke up Katie and told her to look at my face because I thought I had had an allergic reaction to the Bobbi Brown eye cream. As her eyes widened and she connected the dots, she broke the news that the eye cream container was actually full of VERY STRONG PRESCRIPTION ACNE MEDICATION. This means that not once but twice yesterday I had generously rubbed acne medication ALL. OVER. MY. EYES. 

I mean really.

After icing my eyes for an hour and a half, I now look only 2/3 alien, and Chris and Katie (bless their hearts) have done a really good job of telling me that it's looking "a lot better than earlier". But considering "earlier" I looked like I had gotten attacked by a rabid fox, "a lot better" is still somewhere between poison ivy break out and punched in the face

On the bright side, I dare say I will not be breaking out with a case of eye acne any time soon.

Despite ending the trip looking like I was visiting from another planet, the whole weekend was so much fun and I am counting down the days until I start packing for Becca's wedding. One thing I'll make sure is in my suitcase?  My own eye cream:) .


Michael Guthrie said...

Jessica, you are one of a kind. I am grateful for your life, your enthusism, and your love for my family.

Little Blue House said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Yada Yada. This is the funniest story! At first I thought your morning after was a good hangover, then I kept on reading... bless your heart! Laughing with you.

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