Backyard Haven

There is so much going on in my backyard right now! 

My lilies are about to bloom! I have been watching them closely for weeks and weeks, and this morning when I went outside most of their buds looked like this!

On Thursday morning I am going out of town for a week. What do you want to bet that Thursday afternoon is when they'll decide to open! I really hope at least one opens up tomorrow before I leave!

Look at all of this crazy lettuce! This is my first attempt at growing lettuce and every time I go outside it looks more and more ridiculous. It's on its way to growing as tall as a tree! But who cares when it tastes so good!
 Here is a picture of just one branch of our giant fig tree! One day soon I will have hundreds of ripe figs. This summer I am going to *try* to use most of them one way or another.
So I've been wondering who in the world has been taking so many of the purple flowers off of my salvia plants, and I think I just found my culprit! Look closely and you can see the bee! Annnnd... I guess I'll be  chalking those up to a loss, because there is no way I'm messing with that thing.

Happy Gardening!

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