Bakers Dozen

It is official, and very big news- after 13 years together as just the 12 of us, the Dirty Dozen is inducting a new member into our pack. I know- you thought it would never happen. But don't worry- we didn't go out and make a new friend or anything crazy like that ;). The big, wonderful, incredible news is that the first member of the Dirty Dozen is pregnant with a baby girl. We will soon be changing our name to the Bakers Dozen.

For those of you who aren't sure, Yes we have been known for years as the D-12 because there are 12 of us, and Yes the group of rappers associated with Eminem did get their name from us.

Anyway, our friend Amanda surprised us in January with the big news, and this past weekend she came down to Virginia for her baby shower. I don't think I comprehended that she is actually pregnant until I saw her. But you can take my word for it- she really is pregnant!

3/4 of the dozen were able to make it into town for the weekend and we had such a great time. We got to laugh for hours on both Saturday and Sunday and celebrate Amanda becoming a mom!
Here's the Mom-to-Be opening her gifts! She is a kick ass swimmer, so we're thinking her daughter is destined for the pool.
Here we are with Amanda at the shower!

AP- We couldn't be more excited to meet her. xo

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