Is Someone Messing with Me?

Number 1. OUR AIR CONDITIONING IS BROKEN. B-R-O-K-E-N. It is broken and the thermometer in our house currently reads 90 DEGREES. You have GOT to be kidding me. My classroom is HOT. My house is HOT. It is HOT outside. HOT HOT HOT. And you know it's bad if I am annoyed, because I am always freezing cold!

The air conditioning company was supposed to come last night and poor Chris sweated it out (literally) waiting for them to come and they never showed up. When I called them today they claimed they got delayed. Could you call and let a guy know?

If they don't show up tonight I'm sleeping in a hotel.

Number 2. You will not believe what happened with our class butterflies. First of all, they decided to start hatching during the SOL tests. They'd been dead still in their chrysalises for days, and low and behold one by one they all decided that mid-way through the math SOL would be a great time to emerge. Needless to say this was a huge distraction throughout the entire week, and I got to the point where the sight of them made me anxious. I did get the pleasure of seeing my students' precious faces as they watched the butterflies hatch, but because I am ranting, that sweet story will be saved for another post.

So anyway, here's the BEST part: Today as I was explaining the process of how we were going to go outside and let the butterflies go, one of the butterflies got out of our butterfly net (read: absolutely ridiculous pile of netting, tape, and staples that I put together). This was no big deal, but then of all the places in my classroom the butterfly could have gone, it literally flew into A SPIDER WEB. A spider web! I couldn't make this stuff up! Within seconds the spider had launched itself at the pathetic butterfly, gotten it into a lunch time headlock, and all of my students were staring in horror and shrieking at the top of their lungs!

                                                     DO SOMETHING!!!!!
              IT'S GOING TO DIE!!!!
                                                                  OH MY GOSH !!!!
                                          HE'S EATING HIM!!
                        PLEASE SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I should do a reality show.

Once I was able to calm everyone down enough to move them out of the way (so they couldn't see what I was doing), I managed to get Spiderfly onto a piece of paper and fling the duo out the window. As I did this, I announced loudly and cheerfully that the butterfly had gotten away.

I lied.

Between the heat and the insect homicide, I just have to ask... Is Someone Messing with Me?

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