The Kenzster

In looking at my blog, I just realized that for some reason I don't have that many pictures of Kenzie on here! This is odd because 1. I am obsessed with her 2. I take pictures of her every 5 seconds and 3. She is always with me. So here she is!

This is the first time she ever played in the snow. 
She loves the beach and she does her 'crazy run' back and forth in the sand until she's covered in it.
Ugh she is so soft and snuggly!
This is one of those faces she makes when I swear she's pondering what I'm saying. Dog lovers you know what I'm talking about. HA!
Snowy play date
Here I am on my bike with her in my back pack. We were on our way to cheer on Chris in his football game.
She kind of hates the dog park but I make her go because I love it. She won't leave my side and growls at any dog who tries to get too close (which is every dog if you've ever been to the dog park). Only at a dog park will she not play with other dogs.
This is her sneeze face
The back leg cracks me right up.
I mean come on. She is ridiculously cute.
Worn Out.


Hanky & Harvey Group said...

haha...LORD help your children!

Jessica said...

HA! I knew you'd love these! Don't worry- I WILL be posting the pictures of the Christmas cards I have sent out the past 2 years with her face on it!

Little Blue House said...

Love these pics! My goodness, glad I'm not the only one who does this. My dog, Molly is definitely my baby and she totally knows it. No shame, friend.

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