Soaking Up the Sunshine

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
6.25.10 - 6.27.10  Nights 31&32

Well, I didn't waste any time! 24 hours after I said good bye to my students I was soaking up the sun at Rehoboth Beach! My mom, my brother, Chris and I drove there for the weekend and it was the perfect start to what I know will be a very fun, relaxing, exciting summer!

While we were there we literally did almost nothing, which is exactly what made it so perfect.  We laid by the pool, read, ate, laid on the beach, read, and ate! I was so lazy by Sunday morning that I caught myself debating whether or not it was even worth turning over on my lounge chair. It was awesome

I only managed to take a few pictures, as it was hard to use my camera when I refused to move. However, I did take a few minutes to practice shooting manually and was able to get the sand picture above and the fence and beach pictures below! 

Hope you had a great weekend!

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