My cousins and 2 of their friends formed a club called TAOS (inspired by another club called Dilettante) in which once a month the 4 of them get together and Try Anything Once, Sista. I liked the idea of the club so much that my friends and I decided to create our own club, Together Try Anything Once! Each month, one of the members of our club will plan an activity for the group which most or all of us have never attempted before. Each activity is analyzed based on a set of criteria that I lovingly stole from my cousins.

Selection criteria for activities:
-All activities are one-time events that run for a period of no more than five hours
-All activities have a registration fee of $100 or less
-All activities must be active so that participants learn something new.
-All activities must end with a de-brief and recap over drinks and food.

We have decided to be a member of the group with the following in mind:
-I will try anything once
-I will remain open-minded when trying a new activity
-I will be respectful of the activity, the activity leader and other participants
-I will approach every activity as the learning opportunity that it is
-I will not shy away from any activity no matter how potentially humiliating or painful (but hopefully none will be painful!)

I love the idea of this group because I LOVE trying new things. You can probably tell from my Lifelist that I am up for any sort of adventure, big or small, and I literally like doing anything active. And to try new things with friends will be even better!

Our first club meeting is this Sunday morning. I was in charge of planning the first outing, and I chose to have us take a flying trapeze lesson! Though I have done this twice before, it is equally terrifying every time I go, and on Sunday I will be attempting to learn a new "release" move. I am so excited for my friends to get hooked on it like I am. Stay tuned for stories and pictures from our first TTAO adventure!

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we NEED to live closer...i MISS you terribly!

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