Adventures from the Wild West

Salt Lake City and Moab, Utah  7.1.10 - 7.9.10
Nights 33-40

Hi! As I said in my last post, I had the best time in Utah this past week! We hiked, swam, explored, celebrated, laughed, and of course took lots of pictures! Here are just a few highlights from our adventure!

Every Saturday morning in downtown Salt Lake City there is a huge famers market where hundreds of food and craft vendors set up tents and sell organic/ homemade goods. Nick and Christina go almost every Saturday and I can see why! The free samples alone would be enough to keep me coming back.

And if the food isn't enough, this man also sits and plays the didgeridoo in his under pants! 
What a beautiful, sunny day!
Here I am with one of their cats, Frosty. I am only including this picture because I am majorly allergic to cats, so have never really gotten into them. The fact that I am essentially snuggling with this cat is hilarious to me and made Sabrina very proud! Of course by the end of the week, much to the dismay of my nose, Frosty and his brother Kringle both slept on my bed with me!
On Saturday night we walked to the top of the Rockies and watched 5 different 4th of July firework shows go off at the same time all over Salt Lake City! The view was only a 5 minute walk from Nick and Christina's house. What a way to start out our 4th of July celebrations!
The night of the 4th we went to a One Republic concert at Deer Valley ski resort, so we spent the afternoon making delicious food to take with us!

Here's Deer Valley! The concert was literally at the base of the mountain! Come January, I plan to be riding up that chair lift with my skis on!
Here we are in our red, white, and blue! Happy 4th of July!
This was the 2nd 4th of July in a row that the Sabster and I spent together away from home. Last year we were in Prague! She and I are 2 traveling pees in a pod.
One Republic put on a great show, and of course I couldn't help but dance!

This is Nick and Christina! They're the world's best hosts. We'll head to Mexico in November to see them get married!
On Monday morning we packed up 2 cars full of stuff (and dogs) and headed to the Moab desert! As you can see, Kona and Willy were determined that we would not leave without them, and clearly from my lack of expression I felt pretty good about Kona taking the wheel :). They look like they're taking it seriously, right?

Kona and Willy are 2 of the greatest dogs I have ever met. Nick and Chris found Kona walking across the highway, and they just rescued Willy from a Native American reservation. It is obvious how happy they are to be so loved now.
We did so many great things in our 3 days in Moab! Our first stop was Castle Creek Vineyards for a wine tasting!

We also went to Dead Horse Point for an incredible view of the desert sunset. In the background of this picture you can see where the Colorado River makes a complete U-turn!

Here is what I looked like for most of the time we were at Dead Horse Point. Christina and Sabrina couldn't get enough of my freaking skirt blowing up in the wind. I should have known better than to wear a skirt for such an important photo shoot! HA
The sunset was SO beautiful!
Nick's Aunt Julie owns the Eclectic Cafe in Moab! Before our white water rafting trip we had a delicious breakfast at her restaurant! 
Here we go down the Colorado River!
When we hit a patch of flat water we were allowed to hop in kayaks or float along side the boat. I was loving life.

The last morning we were in Moab we explored Arches National Park and it was 
out of this world.
This is the famous Delicate Arch. It is easy to see how big it is with the 3 stooges underneath! 
To get to the Arch we hiked for an hour UP slanted slick rock. When we finally came around the corner and saw this view, I actually gasped out loud. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Here I am again, like a wild camera lady on assignment for National Geographic...
...and again. Hey- this is why they pay me the big bucks :). 
This hike was the perfect ending to our side trip to Moab.
Believe it or not, back in Salt Lake City Chris and Nick are raising bees in their back yard! So the day before I went back to Virginia, just in case I hadn't squeezed in enough excitement, I got into Nick's bee suit and helped Christina look for their new Queen Bee.
Here I am! 
First I was in charge of blowing smoke into the bee house. Smoke keeps the bees from getting too overwhelmed that we are in there messing around.
Christina helped me stay really calm! We took each crate out one by one until we found evidence that a new Queen Bee had hatched!
I managed to pick one up all by myself without screaming :)
Look closely and you can see some eggs! 

Sabster, Christina, Nick, Kona, Willy, and even Frosty and Kringle... Thank you for such a wonderful week. 
XO: Jess

P.S. Check out my HDR shots below!

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wow - could you have possibly done any more on this trip! What a great sample of so many things. We had bees too - when my girl gets bigger, I'll start to raise them again.

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