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New York City.

New York City 7.13.10 - 7.17.10
Nights 41-44

I spent most of last week in one of my favorite places in the world, the Big Apple. Jason (my brother) was in a cabaret at the summer camp where he teaches voice (video clips above!) so my mom and I rode the train up to watch him shine, and to bask in the glory of being related to him.

Because as some of you know, he can sing his face off.

The energy of summer time in New York City is contagious. People buzzing through the crowded streets. Cabs honking. Music playing. The sun shining on my face when I'm lucky enough to catch it hiding between 2 skyscrapers. I love it all. And I feel so grateful to be able to soak in the New York vibe so often. There is no place in the world like it.

On Friday night we went to something called Mid-Summer Night Swing next to Lincoln Center. Every night, all summer long, they offer a different style of dance lesson, followed by hours of dancing to that style outside under the stars. My brother, his friend Michael and I literally danced our tails off to live DISCO music for 3 hours straight and I loved every second of it. Here is a video I made of it (and FYI, my brother's spin move near the end is dedicated to my friend Whitney, who has loved his dance moves since the day they met).

Another blessing was getting to spend time with my friend Rosemary. Ro and I met when we both studied abroad in England 6 (wow!) years ago and we have been the greatest of friends ever since. She lives in New Jersey, and every time I come to the City she drops everything and takes the train down to see me. We always pick up right where we left, and there is never quite enough time to squeeze in everything we want to say. 

On Thursday, Jason, my mom, Ro and I went to one of our favorite places for "tea" (and by that I also mean delicious scones, sandwiches and cakes). It's called Tea and Sympathy, and if you're ever in New York you must go there. The restaurant is cramped (it only seats about 15 people!) but stop by between lunch and dinner and you shouldn't have to wait too long to get seated. The Big Mama talks about their chicken pot pie so often that their old chef literally bought her the Tea and Sympathy cook book.

Here we are with our tea! I love how every tea pot, cup and saucer is different from the next!

Ok, so the 2 videos of my brother are above this post because I couldn't figure out how to add them here! The first one is the debut of a song that he *wrote* for a one man children's show he's creating, and the second one is to the tune of Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera, and a director that he works with changed the lyrics to make it appropriate for the cabaret. They're both hilarious. Enjoy!



Hanky & Harvey Group said...

Love the new look jess! did you do all of this? your NYC pics/videos are great!!

Jessica said...

Hi! Yes! I spruced up my title thing and made the post divider yesterday! Isn't Jason the best?!! I miss you xoxox

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