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I forgot to tell you that I changed my web address! If you're still finding my blog by going to 
come on over and follow me @ 

(That's Garden Patch Adventures!)

You guys are the best and Happy Tuesday!


teacher girl said...

Hi! I have a million things to say...thanks for stopping by my blog, and I've started to read your old posts, and I LOVE both of your blogs already, and I've definitely already got great ideas for my future classroom (LOVE the moon bday graph) from your teaching blog, and it sounds like you are the world's best teacher so I'm am looking forward to reading more & learning from you... (I apologize; this is a horrible, BUT enthusiastic-so-excited-I found-your-blogs- run-on sentence). I'm not completely caught up yet...there's just so much great stuff! Sorry for the long comment...from your new HUGE blog fan in California, Katie :o)

Stevie @ Sincerely Stevie said...

Hi, happy to have found your blog over at new friend Fridays! :) I know nothing about gardening and it's something I'm dying to learn so I'm excited to follow you and get some pointers! Have a great weekend.

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