I Don't Drink Enough!

Well, the power (and air conditioning) was just out for a full 24 hours, so this afternoon I took it upon myself to take my wine corks outside in the breeze and finish my cork wreath! I am so, so happy with how it turned out!
Now, don't worry- I can hear what you're saying to yourself: Holy WINO that girl drinks a lot. But if I may defend myself, believe it or not I did not drink the wine from which all of these corks came from. I have to give a big shout out to my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Bo, who reluctantly took up the hobby of drinking wine for the sole purpose of donating their corks to me (wink wink). 

The fact that I needed to use my family's corks brought me to one conclusion: I haven't even been coming close to drinking enough wine! Looks like I'll need to vamp it up, all in the name of crafts!

Though I had saved numerous colored corks, I only used regular ones with the exception of this one with leopard spots to make the wreath a little bit funky. And even though I can't quite decide which room I want to hang it in, at least the hard part of actually making the wreath is over. This project came under the category of  'only have time to attempt this in the summer time', so I'm really happy I finished it!

For anyone who wants to attempt to make a cork wreath, I have a very serious suggestion that I need you to take into consideration:
Develop a love for Beringer wine, because toothpicks poke into those corks very easily:).
Happy Drinking Wreathing!


Stevie @ Sincerely Stevie said...

I have a tonnnn of corks, and I'd love to make one of these, you should post a tutorial! In the meantime I will drink more wine for the "sake of crafting!" thanks ;P

Jessica said...

Hi! I am more than happy to post a tutorial on how I made it, because believe it or not I couldn't really find anything on the internet that said the exact procedure! I'll let you know when it's up!

Lisa said...

That's amazing! I have no idea how you got them all to stay that way but it looks great!

Jean said...

Very cute! How's the tutorial coming?

Matthew and Larissa said...

Oh please post the tutorial i have 4 bags of corks dying to be made into a wreath

Anonymous said...

I second the request for a tutorial! A.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Jessica said...

Hi! WOW Thank you! So glad you think it looks good! I am at the beach right now, but I will post the tutorial as SOON as I get home! Check back soon!!

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