Back At Ya...

I have a friend named Whitney
She's pretty, kind, and fun,
She lives south of me, in the cutest house
With three kids always on the run.

Two days ago I drove there,
To see her and her brood!
She has one sweet toddler, a baby girl,
And their brother- one cool dude.

We talked and played and giggled,
Picked up where we left off last,
We shopped and ate (it felt so great!)
and the time slipped by too fast.

Oh, Whitney, how I adore you,
Your friendship and your grace
You listen, share, give great advice
And you could never be replaced.  

Thank you for a great day, and I'll be back soon.
I love you. xo


teacher girl said...

LOVE both of your blogs!!!! You are so creative...great poem! Sounds like a blast. You should write a book--Dr. Seuss-esque perhaps??? I'd like to reserve one now. :o)

Little Blue House said...

Too cute Jess! I, too, love both of your blogs... Whitney's cute kids and your fantastic travels! Enjoy your next adventure!

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