Rock Star

My oldest brother is a rock star. Well, he's actually a musical theater star, but for me that's as good as it gets. He can literally 
sing his face off. 
He lives in New York City, and every summer he teaches voice to children at a summer arts camp. He chooses the coolest songs for them to sing (think Bad Romance and Unwritten) and helps kids of all ages fall in love with music.
I sat in on a class this summer and literally wished I was a camper- it was SO fun.
He has the rare talent of creating an environment where kids feel safe enough to
sing their hearts out.
And what's better than singing your heart out?
Anyway, the camp was featured on the news in New York!
Here's the clip.
He's the one teaching a group of ten year olds to sing
Journey's Don't Stop Believin'...
How cool is that?!


Hanky & Harvey Group said...

Ahhhh....SO COOL!!!! He is famous and most definitely a ROCK STAR!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

New follower from New Friend Fridays. I am also a teacher and I am from Trinidad. I also love travelling and the Caribbean is a beautiful place to visit.

Great blog you have here. Look forward to reading.

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