Free Fallin...

So... just when I was getting slightly bummed about fall arriving (fall = winter = MISERY), Columbus went and discovered America and I discovered a 3-day weekend. 
Well- let me rephrase that slightly. 
Columbus went and discovered America and brought with him summer temperatures over said 3-day weekend.  
Therefore, for the past 3 days I have loved Columbus.
And I have absolutely loved fall.

I am not sure I have ever loved a 3-day weekend so much.
Though I probably think that very thought every time one rolls around. 
How different a Sunday feels when it's really like Saturday. 
How that one more day seems to make everything calm an relaxing.
One more whole day just to explore.

I did so many great things with my 72 hours! First of all, I saw The Town and it was a-ma-zing.  
Like almost-redeems-Ben-Affleck-for-ever-making-Gigi amazing.
Ok, maybe that's stretching it.
But nonetheless, LOVED.
I could have watched it for 10 straight hours without even blinking.
If you have seen this movie, please tell me if you agree. 

I went to my friend Katie's fantastic engagement party with my family, and my other friend Katie's delicious BBQ. I went shopping, decorated for Halloween (Hello! Start of the Holiday Season!!!) and went to the grocery store. 
I know- let that soak in. I.ran.an.errand. 
But more on the ridiculousness of errands later.

I also read, relaxed, and watched Chris play football at a park right next to the airport. I was so happy to do this because I had been eyeing this spot for a while. Planes take off not 100 yards away, and they flew overhead so closely that it seemed like I could reach out and touch them. It was really awesome.

And of course, it wouldn't be fall without a child-like adventure (or 10) to the pumpkin patch. 
Yesterday we went to an orchard in Maryland to pick apples and a good lookin' pumpkin. I picked out a 16 pounder and named it "Chubbs". 
And yes, I was probably happier to be there than most of the 4 year olds.

And to think that I asked "Are you sure this one's big enough?"

It was a wonderful, absolutely beautiful weekend. 
Now if Columbus could just discover something every Monday...


likeschocolate said...

oops, I forgot to push the enter button. Happy Fall! I love the photo with the airplane in the sky.

Anonymous said...

That airplane in the sky photo is awesome.

Little Blue House said...

love all of your awesome pics! what kind of camera do you use? we are on the search for a MUCH needed new one.

Unknown said...

Jessica! That sounds like an absolutely PERFECT weekend. Seriously. How wonderful! Fall is slowly creeping into Pennsylvania this year and I LOVE it too! I don't always, but this year it is perfect! : )

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