Hang Out, Make Lots of Noise...

For those of you who read my blog regularly (thank you!!), you may have noticed that I've been a little MIA these last few, well let's be honest- basically the entire month of September. 
Getting back into school mode has totally kicked my tail 
(teachers you KNOW what I'm talking about!). 
Most nights by the time I crawl through the door, the last thing I want to do is even look at a computer.
But I have been having a blast getting to know my new students, and I have been taking major advantage of my weekend free time. 
Here are just a few memories I've made in the past 2 weeks!
My best friend Stephanie and I went to a Sugarland concert last weekend and it was 
out of this WORLD. 
We packed a picnic, danced, and sang our hearts out under the stars. The weather was beautiful, and I got to hear one of my favorite bands perform next to one of my favorite people
This is the sky that greeted me as I left work one night last week. I was feeling really tired, and yet all of a sudden I had a huge smile plastered across my face.
It was just so beautiful.
As has been my tradition every night since school began, 
I rushed home and took Kenzie for a long walk and soaked in the last few minutes of day light.

This past Saturday night my beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, long-time, wonderful friend Stephanie 
got married outside at a really cool museum in Richmond, Virginia. 
Stephanie is one of my precious D-12.
She's the 4th one to say "I Do", and as usual, the Dirty Dozen (minus one who stayed home with her sweet, sweet newborn) came from far and wide (like Germany wide!) to honor her and celebrate.

It was a 24 hour lovefest
We talked for hours and danced the night away and hugged each other extra tight. 
Thanks to Stephanie we also ate reeaallly good food.
Like Chicken and waffles and a macaroni and cheese bar good.
I mean Really.
Stephanie and Brian are a perfect match, and I am really happy they found each other because I really like hanging out with them. 
Oh yeah- AND because I think they'll make each other laugh until they're old and grey.
Congratulations, Steph!
Last but certainly not least, yesterday the best mom in the entire world turned 61 years young.
Luckily for me, she's mine.
Our family celebrated at Morton's Steakhouse, and we laughed together for hours. 
This is what our family does. And this is just one of the million reasons I love my mom.
Because she taught us the meaning of family.
And as I sat and told stories with the people I love most in the world, 
and celebrated my awesome mom for everything she is and does, 
I thought to myself
'there is nowhere on earth I'd rather be'.
BM- Here's to another year of great memories. XO




teacher girl said...

I really wish we could be friends {in real life} because your blog--this post is no exception--is so positive, fun-to-read, and has beautiful, amazing pictures, (and you LOVE Sugarland & I'm certain--without even stepping foot in your classroom-- you are a fantastic & fun teacher). Really!!!! I LOVE this post. Happiest Birthday month to your mom from a complete stranger in California!!! Sending her lots of happy birthday wishes. I just love your blog. Sorry for the long comment. Any chance you'll post pics of your classroom (bulletin boards, etc.) soon???

Carrie said...

The part about your mom hits home for me - I'm blessed with a Mom who loves her family more than anything else. She'll be celebrating her 70th birthday in a bit and I'm blessed beyond measure to call her my mom. Certainly a Happy picture!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lots of fun stuff. Love the sky photo. Your friend is a beautiful bride too.

Anonymous said...

May I just say that I love the dress you wore to the wedding? Love it. Also love the sky shot. And how cute is that bulletin board?

Little Blue House said...

Looks like you have been having a fun September! I hope you have a fabulous school year!

Dana Rae said...

What wonderful happiness! I love the sky picture. I am getting married in 25 days so I love love love seeing wedding pictures. She was such a beautiful bride.

Tracie Nall said...

Beautiful sky photo!

The wedding looked beautiful. Lots of precious memories.

Happy birthday to your mom!

This was a great post FULL of happiness. I love it!

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like you are blessed with some great friends and family!


leigh hewett said...

This post is just oozing with happiness. Thanks so much joining in the quest to scout out happiness.

Actuary Mom said...

So much happiness!! I love Sugarland too.

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