Just a Little Somethin...

eceI am obsessed with all things shelves
aannnnd all things decorative pillows.
aaannnnnd all things Pottery Barn for that matter. 
But this past weekend it was the shelves that got the best of my OCD, and I just had to do some rearranging. 
That's when I had an idea.
Just a little somethin', but I am in love with how it turned out.
My little idea was to hang a few pictures above some of the shelves in my family room to cover more wall space. 
 I just recently framed that picture on the second shelf from the top. I took it in Ireland and I absolutely love it! So instead of just setting it on a shelf, I hung it up! 
Here's one I hung up on the opposite shelf. Even though it's nothing major, literally every time I've looked at my shelves since last weekend I've smiled! (is that sad?! HA)
I just love the way it adds more dimension and shows off great pictures!

So I just wanted to give you another idea of how to make your home more YOU!
Happy Hanging!

Oh yeah, and please excuse the spiders- they're only with us until the end of the month.
(the fake ones anyway!)



Lauren @ 31diy said...

That's a great idea! I've never thought to do that. I would love to try it, but unfortunately, our bookshelves are cluttered with books and binders. I really just want to hide the clutter away in the closet and find some pretty things to make our bookshelves look like yours. :)

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

Love how you have decorated. That birdhouse is too cute. Great idea hanging the picture on the wall instead of just placing it on the shelf! And lucky lucky you for going to Ireland!

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