Young Women and Strokes

As I have written about before on my blog, my wonderful, beautiful, 35 year-old cousin Shana had a stroke a few years ago that turned her life upside down and left her unable to swallow for months. While she made a miraculous recovery and there are no lingering physical signs of her stroke to the outside world, no doubt she still thinks about it every day. 
Recently she was contacted by another young woman who had a stroke at just 28 years old. The woman had gone searching for other young women this had happened to and found Shana's story on the internet. A few weeks ago a team from Good Morning America came to Shana's house to interview her, hoping to spread the word about how to detect this type of stroke. 
After Shana's stroke, she passed 2 stroke tests in the hospital and laid there for days while doctors deliberated over what had happened to her. Thankfully, they finally figured it out and she started her journey towards recovery.
I would highly recommend that all young woman watch Shana's Good Morning America clip and forward it on to your friends.
Let's spread the word!

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