The Big 'O'

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter.
Second of all, I'm talking about Oprah.
Why? Because I love Oprah. 
I love the way she raises her voice an octave in an attempt to convey her excitement but her voice cracks.
I love how she bagged the whole "Live Your Best Life" thing and now she just eats whatever the hell she wants.
I love the way she keeps up the shenanigan of living with Stedmen when we all know she's really in love with her boyfriend Gail.
I love it all.

And I watch her show loyaly every single day. 
As in the things on my mind as I drive home from work are Chris, Kenzie, sweatpants and Oprah.

So you can imagine my level of excitement when I realized that she was going to have not one, but two
Favorite Things episodes this year.
I mean, does it GET any better?!

For those of you who don't know what Oprah's Favorite Things show is, (first of all, where have you been...)
it is the show in which Oprah gives her unsuspecting audience members $10-15,000 worth of free loot all in the name of joy and giving.
Yes, you read that corrrectly: FREE. LOOT.
free, awesome loot to be exact.
So awesome, in fact, that my cousin's exact text pertaining to yesterday's giveaways was
You are going to have a heart attack when you watch Oprah.
Oh how well she knows me.

Most years Oprah has filmed one Favorite Things episode per season right before the holidays.
However, this being her 'Farewell Season' and the last time she will ever do a Favorite Things episode, she decided she would give two audiences the surprise of a lifetime.
Audiences who think they've come to watch an entirely different kind of show.
People who, upon realization of this surprise, resort to sobbing, screaming and and laying in the aisles.
It is a Saturday Night Live skit just waiting to happen.

This year's giveaways did not dissapoint. She gave away everything from a cruise to a car, and because this was the last year, I copied and pasted the list of everything she gave away onto my blog (I couldn't help it). If Oprah called you and said that you could choose anything from the list of gifts she gave away, what would it be?
Limited-Edition 25th Anniversary Oprah watch by Philip Stein ($2475.00)Nikon camera ($699.95)
Ralph Lauren Oprah Cashmere Sweater and Throw ($1093.00)
Judith Ripka earrings ($525.00)
Tory Burch tote ($250.00)
Andre Walker hair products ($65.00)
Lafco candles ($990.00)
Breville Panini Press ($99.95)
Kyocera knife set ($74.95)
Beecher's mac & cheese ($29.00)
Baker's Edge brownie/lasagna pan ($89.40)
'A Course in Weight Loss' by Marieanne Williamson and 'Decode' by Jay-Z ($59.95)
Williams-Sonoma mini croissants ($39.95)
Talbott Teas ($150.00)
'The Book of Awakening' by Mark Nepo ($18.95)
'Illuminations' by Josh Groban ($12.99)
'Let It Be Me' by Johnny Mathis ($12.00)
Sony Bravia 3D TV and Blu-ray player ($3600.00)
2012 Volkswagen Beetle
A 7-day cruise, including airfare
Netflix membership (5 years)
Kiva/Groupon gift card ($100.00)
Reva Ballerina shoes ($195.00)
Elfa closet system from The Container Store ($1000.00)
Oprah final season t-shirt ($35.00)
Lululemon pants ($98.00)
Black-Eyed Peas CD ((17.98)
Nike shoes (four pair: $340.00)
Apple iPad with Scrabble app ($500.00)
UGG boots ($175.00)
Sophia Satchel by Coach ($398.00)
Magaschoni tunic and leggings ($558.00)
Hope in a Jar by Philosophy ($38.00 and up)
Nordstrom lingerie ($500.00)
Herb Savor by Prepara ($29.95)
Centerville chicken pie ($20.00)
Garrett's Limited Edition Favorite Things tin ($135.00)
Le Creuset cookware ($599.00)
Miraclebody jeans ($110.00)
Sophie jewelry box from Pottery Barn ($179.00)
Jessica Leigh diamond earrings ($1900.00)
DonorsChoose.org gift card ($100.00)

How ever would I choose?!


Anonymous said...

I'd go for the cruise... or maybe the flat screen TV!! This post made really me laugh! I love you!!

Hanky & Harvey Group said...

I love how excited you get about Oprah. I love that you literally typed out item and prices. I love you!

carmen said...

I am sad that this is really no longer a prospect for us, seeing that it is the last season. Seriously though 4 pairs of Nike shoes? However the closet system I could truly use. Thanks so much for sharing!

Tara said...

[in the Oprah voice] "Please welcome DENZEL WASH-ING-TONNNNNNN!!! (in an octave higher)

My answer: the coach bag, the cruise, the leggings, or THE CAMERA. Oh, and the shoes. DUH.

love you!!!!

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