Tulum Sunrise!

I have had SUCH a busy week catching up on everything I missed while I was in Mexico.
And by busy I mean that I haven't even uploaded all of the pictures I took while I was there.
-This should tell you something-
Normally I can hardly get off the plane without plugging my sacred memory card into my equally sacred iMac.
However, I did have time to snag a few of my favorites, this being one of them.
I woke up and watched the beautiful Tulum sunrise on the last morning I was there. It was stunning.
~More pictures to come!~

and then, she {snapped}



rachel said...

wow. this is GORGEOUS! thanks so much for linking up.

Ashley Sisk said...

This shot is GORGEOUS!

Sara said...

I found your blog through Everyday Celebrating and love it! I am going to have to throw one of those Grown-Up grilled cheese parties!


Cari said...

That is gorgeous!!!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Oh that is wonderful - I would have loved to have been there to see that in reality :) ( I must say that I like Owl City music played classically :))

Marci said...

Oooh, just what I needed to look at on a cold morning! Lovely shot..that sky is amazing.

Genki said...

a really gorgeous shot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed that, on a particularly gray and dull morning in China. Thanks for linking up and playing along with The View from Here!

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