1 Tradition, 2 Tradition, 3 Tradition, 10

So Christmas has come and gone, and I'm not sure how in the world it is already January 18th.
We picked out, decorated, then took down our Christmas tree,
wrapped, unwrapped, then put away our presents,
traveled, laughed and reveled in the pleasure of it,
all in the blink of an eye.
I have been meaning to 'publish' this post now for weeks, but with a new year comes a renewed need to stay in motion.
So it has taken the good fortune of an unanticipated snow day for me to finally slow down.
First on my agenda?
Recording my highlights from the most recent wonderful time of the year.

For me, the best part of Christmas is taking part in all of the wonderful family traditions.
I feel such a deep sense of comfort and history buried in each one, and we sure do have enough of them to go around...

Tradition #1: See a production of The Nutcracker with my oldest brother, Jason, and inevitably get in an argument with the annoyingly loud people behind us
Tradition #2: Enjoy a very festive holiday weekend in New York City
(and see the Rockefeller tree- a must do!)
Tradition #3: Make gingerbread houses, and attempt not to eat all of the ingredients
Tradition #4: Show off my awesome gingerbread house to my students and assist them in the creation of gingerbread houses that could never live up to mine :)
Exhibit A.
Tradition #5: Drive through the Bull Run Festival of Lights whilst singing snippets of Christmas carols in perfect harmony HA
Tradition #5: Make the world's largest bowl of banana pudding for my entire extended family, to ensure that no one loses weight throughout the holiday season
(check out the tutorial here!)
Tradition #6: Decorate our Christmas tree and exchange one special ornament.
This year's ornaments: a hand-painted leprechaun in honor of our trip to Ireland, and a hand-made ornament brought home from Taiwan
Tradition #7: Make our way to the National Christmas tree in Washington, DC while simultaneously
freezing our tails off
Tradition #8: Host the entire Robinson and Bennett families for a magical Christmas Eve celebration
Tradition #9: Christmas Day- Open presents, eat a delicious, Big Mama brunch, see an afternoon movie (this year's was The Fighter) and go out to dinner as a family
Tradition #10: Ring in the New Year in one our of favorite places on earth:
Key West, Florida
The last sunset of 2010
The first sunset of 2011
It's safe to say that I soaked in every single second of the holiday season!
So, until next year, Holidays!!


Our Beaten Path said...

Those all look wonderful! I can say I've been to NY to see the tree lighting which was wonderful!

Inger-M said...

Those sunsets look awesome! And your Christmas traditions sound very nice.
I also love the deep blue sky and the contrasting white fluffy clouds with the plane.
Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog :-)

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