525,600 Minutes

Well Mr. G, the official count is in... 
In the 525,600 minutes of 2010, 
not counting the 30-40 sleepovers I had at my parents' house for various holidays and celebrations, 
I spent the night away from my home 
87 times
In my days exploring I traveled to:
North Carolina
New York
New Jersey

I skied, hiked, ran, swam,
sailed, tubed, sunbathed, sang,
danced, ate, relaxed, talked,
 smiled and laughed
around the world.

I stood in awe of beauty.
Feasted my eyes on natural wonders that took my breath away.
Learned new things.
Crossed 4 things off my Life List.
Felt present and free and
so, so grateful for this exquisite, precious life.

I spent much of the year up here...
I also captured what I saw through the lens of my beloved camera,
and looked a little like this in most places I traveled...
When I look back at the pictures I took throughout the year, I am reminded of all the reasons why I felt the need to lug my enormous, heavy, conspicuous camera with me from sea to shining sea.
Here are just a few of those reasons...

My Year in Pictures: Snapshots of 2010

Thanks for everything, 2010...
I couldn't have loved you more!

And thank you Mr. G., for giving me such a hard time about my travels :).
It is becuase of you that I documented each adventure so thouroughly.

And how can I not be excited to get moving in 2011 when it greeted me like this?
Happiest New Year to everyone!
I'm so happy you're on this journey with me.



Tezzie said...

Wow!!! What a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing this incredible virtual tour around the world :) Your photos are absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, what a fantastic posting! Beautiful photography, and great attitude toward last year and the next! Thanks for linking up to The View from Here. And thanks for the tour.

Tara said...

Wow, these photos are gorgeous! I loved seeing all the places you went. Great captures. Thanks for linking up.

deb duty said...

Wow! I enjoyed getting to see the places you've been. You had an incredible year and the photos are gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant and you really have an eye for composition. Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth Lyng said...

You got so many incredible photos, I am in awe!

Our Beaten Path said...

I am so envious of your travels and your photos are unreal! Beautiful!!

Katie Lee said...

Your photographs are beathtaking! What an amazing year ;)

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