Not So 'Anonymous'

So, last night "Anonymous" commented on my blog.
"Anonymous" commented on how 'miserable' and 'out of focus' my HDR pictures are, and asked me if I even 'OWN a tripod?'
The whole thing made me laugh out loud, but the most hilarious part is that my blog shows me exactly where every single comment comes from. 
All of them.
Including the 'anonymous' ones.
(it is the internet after all!)

So last night I prayed for you, 'Anonymous'.
I prayed that you will find the strength to discover what is lacking in your life.
Why it is that you have that huge hole in your heart-
the one that you attempted to fill by projecting your cowardly thoughts on to me. 
Because let me tell ya... it didn't really work.

Happy Saturday! Headed out to take more 'miserable' pictures!


Our Beaten Path said...

Love it!!! But who in the world would be such a drag....I hate it for them!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... Im so sorry you had to deal with that! I took off the anonymous option when people leave a comment. Therefore, whoever leaves a comment has to have some b-- guts LOL if they want to say something negative or shallow.

Our Beaten Path said...

The more I look through your blog the more in awe I am of it and your pictures! Seriously, it has to be one of my most joyful moments today...I saw your garden page...Are you going to do a garden this year?

Tara said...

That is SO laughable, and SO sad at the same time. They probably have one of those click wheel kodak cameras from the 90's. Feel sorry for them.
It's just JEALOUSY.

love you jess.
hate you anonymous.

Unknown said...


How dare you try and share your life with the ones you love? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway? Hmpf! And how dare you take photographs? This is outrageous!

Love You!
Nehal :)

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