Home Sweet Home?

So for the past two weekends I've been trying something new.
I think it's called not skipping town the second my work week is over, but I could be wrong- I'm new to the whole concept.
Most Friday afternoons, the bell can hardly ring before I've packed my bags and hit the road.
But after 3 straight weekends of traveling North and South, we've taken the last 2 off, and I gotta tell ya-
it's been kinda nice! 
I've had a few lazy mornings full of hot tea and People magazines, 
excellent dinners out catching up with great friends and family,
tried out 2 brand new restaurants that just opened in walking distance of our house, 
took a certain Game Night by storm with my new favorite game, Hoopla,
(You MUST buy it!)
discovered a super cool wine bar,
dedicated hours to getting dirty and digging up my precious garden, 
(I know, I know... it's way too early to start obsessing, but I can't help it!)
sweat it out through Zumba, and cold walks with my friends and the Kenzster, and
even limbered up early this morning at yoga before going to watch 5 of my eight year-old students in their last basketball game of the season (to die for.)
Now don't get me wrong.
-I'm a mover and a shaker-
and I can't help but dream about my upcoming travel destinations (AZ! Palm Springs!)
But every once in a while it actually feels good 
to just stop for a second
and breathe.
(Yes- this is my version of breathing:) )
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


A Million Little Pieces

I am made up of a million little pieces.
Pieces that fit together as they should to make one, unique me.
And the pieces of my puzzle have taken shape over time
with help from people I hold dear and ones I've had to leave behind.
These lessons, big and small, have been woven together along the way
and combined with thousands of others, have made me exactly  who I am.

I learned to dive from my cousin, Tara
to shuffle cards from my grandmommy
to blow bubbles from my dad
to ski from my first instructor, Linda.

I learned about dentures from my grandma when she took hers out to scare me.

I learned how to find my way home from Jeff
to love ballet from Jason
to drive a car from my mom
to keep in touch from Stephanie.

I learned how to ride a bike from Brian
how to blow dry my bangs from Jennifer
how to wear moisturizer from Lindsey
and how to keep a garden from Kathy.

I fell in love with the idea of teaching because of Mrs. Thomas.

I learned how to french braid from Susan
how to make an omelette from Guenn
to play lacrosse from Reade
and to love my legs from Shana

I learned how to belong to a team from the one and only D-12.

I love sweet & spicy peppers because of Pat
and Ann Taylor because of Danielle.
David Yurman because of Lisa
and Benziger wine because of Susan.

I discovered iced lattes through Courtney
country music through Katie
 my love of baseball hats through Whitney
and the joy of a slow paced walk through Kenzie.

 I learned how to get organized from Sabrina
how to txt from Hannah
how to be a better teacher from Jane
how to trust from Chris.

I've learned never ending patience from my one-of-a-kind students...

The lessons are endless
and the pleasure is all mine.


Happy Heart Day

It's Valentines Day and Cupid is smiling down on us here in the DC area!
It's 60 degrees and sunny, and you better believe I'm going for a walk just as soon as I spread a little love!

This year, for our 3rd grade community service project, we teamed with a Naval hospital in our area to provide holiday decorations (and other things) to the wounded soldiers there. 
My students were in charge of making Valentines for them, and I'm so proud of the effort they put into it.
When my teammate delivered the goodies, (also in tow- bags of doggy treats for the soldiers' pets!) she told us that the nurses were so very appreciative.
This made my students feel awesome.

Today was full of valentines, cupcakes, hugs, and hearts, and my students left my classroom stuffed and happy.
They also walked around with their heads held high.
I mean- they made a contribution to our soldiers and received 15 pounds of chocolate from their friends!
What's not to love?

I'm off to pretend it's springtime for a few short hours!
Have a wonderful end to your Heart Day!




Keep Your Seatbelt Fastened

And the countdown UP begins again!
Last year I chronicled my travels on my blog.
 I spent 87 nights away from home, and loved every minute of it.
Well, it's a new year, so time for a clean slate.
It will be interesting to see how close I come to last year's finish.

I rang in the New Year in Key West, Florida (Night 1 of 2011) and since then I've been on 2 mini-adventures.
Here are a few pictures of the fun...
Puerto Rico 
1.28.11-1.31.11 Nights 2 & 3 
It snowed eight inches the day before we left for Puerto Rico.
And it was cold.
Like reaaaalllly cold.
But enter a pre-planned trip to an amazingly warm and tropical location,
and you've got yourself one happy camper.

We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach and by the pool, but we also went hiking in the El Yunque Rainforest (a must-do!)
I thawed right out the second my feet hit the sand...
I felt grateful to Puerto Rico for a respite from the snow.
We will definitely make our way there again!

Disney World, Florida  
2.4.11- 2.6.11 Nights 4 & 5
We made a quick trip to Disney World this past weekend, and it was totally, magically awesome.
We spent 10 straight hours at Magic Kingdom, took in 2 parades and a fireworks show, sang the night away at a dueling piano bar, and even got to ride my all-time favorite roller coaster, Space Mountain, twice. 
In the front seat.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-Walt Disney
That's what I'm going for!

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