Keep Your Seatbelt Fastened

And the countdown UP begins again!
Last year I chronicled my travels on my blog.
 I spent 87 nights away from home, and loved every minute of it.
Well, it's a new year, so time for a clean slate.
It will be interesting to see how close I come to last year's finish.

I rang in the New Year in Key West, Florida (Night 1 of 2011) and since then I've been on 2 mini-adventures.
Here are a few pictures of the fun...
Puerto Rico 
1.28.11-1.31.11 Nights 2 & 3 
It snowed eight inches the day before we left for Puerto Rico.
And it was cold.
Like reaaaalllly cold.
But enter a pre-planned trip to an amazingly warm and tropical location,
and you've got yourself one happy camper.

We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach and by the pool, but we also went hiking in the El Yunque Rainforest (a must-do!)
I thawed right out the second my feet hit the sand...
I felt grateful to Puerto Rico for a respite from the snow.
We will definitely make our way there again!

Disney World, Florida  
2.4.11- 2.6.11 Nights 4 & 5
We made a quick trip to Disney World this past weekend, and it was totally, magically awesome.
We spent 10 straight hours at Magic Kingdom, took in 2 parades and a fireworks show, sang the night away at a dueling piano bar, and even got to ride my all-time favorite roller coaster, Space Mountain, twice. 
In the front seat.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-Walt Disney
That's what I'm going for!



Pieni Lintu said...

So beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

The El Yunque shots are out of this world. And I also love the fireworks over the castle. I've gone to Disneyworld so many times, I probably have more pics of the parks than any other pictures.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What wonderful trips! Beautiful photos. We are going to Disney this spring and I can't wait.

Gina Kleinworth said...

WOW- amazing photos! What an adventure!!!!!!!

Susan Anderson said...

I feel like I've been on a vacation myself!

And that sunset...


Actuary Mom said...

Great pictures of WDW! I want to go to Puerto Rico soon... direct flights were just added at my local airport.

Shannon said...

Wow! Beautiful shots! What a cute blog. I'm a teacher and traveler as well.

Carletta said...

That second shot is in your face awesome!
Love the first shot of the Disney castle and the pink night shot!
Great post!

Carletta's Captures

leigh hewett said...

I'm just a little jeal'. All of my vacations these days are spent on the couch watching the Travel Channel. Your photos are fantastic, BTW.

Thanks for linking up!

Jennifer said...

How cool!! We love to travel too and are constantly going somewhere. We're doing DisneyWorld next month for the first time. I loved all of your shots! :)


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