Home Sweet Home?

So for the past two weekends I've been trying something new.
I think it's called not skipping town the second my work week is over, but I could be wrong- I'm new to the whole concept.
Most Friday afternoons, the bell can hardly ring before I've packed my bags and hit the road.
But after 3 straight weekends of traveling North and South, we've taken the last 2 off, and I gotta tell ya-
it's been kinda nice! 
I've had a few lazy mornings full of hot tea and People magazines, 
excellent dinners out catching up with great friends and family,
tried out 2 brand new restaurants that just opened in walking distance of our house, 
took a certain Game Night by storm with my new favorite game, Hoopla,
(You MUST buy it!)
discovered a super cool wine bar,
dedicated hours to getting dirty and digging up my precious garden, 
(I know, I know... it's way too early to start obsessing, but I can't help it!)
sweat it out through Zumba, and cold walks with my friends and the Kenzster, and
even limbered up early this morning at yoga before going to watch 5 of my eight year-old students in their last basketball game of the season (to die for.)
Now don't get me wrong.
-I'm a mover and a shaker-
and I can't help but dream about my upcoming travel destinations (AZ! Palm Springs!)
But every once in a while it actually feels good 
to just stop for a second
and breathe.
(Yes- this is my version of breathing:) )
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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