Fresh (and Deliciously Healthy) Spring Rolls!

These spring rolls are so DELISH and easy to make, you just HAVE to try them!

Your Ingredients
frozen, peeled, cooked shrimp
rice noodles
salmon sushi
package of rice paper (these look like see through tortillas)
sweet chili glaze
1. Thaw a handful of shrimp and cut them in half, long ways
2. Finely slice the carrot, cucumber, avocado and basil
3. Cook rice noodles, drain and pat dry
4. Submerge one piece of rice paper in warm water for 20 seconds until it gets soft. Take it out of the water and lightly blot it with a towel. Be careful, because it is now very sticky.
5. Lay the rice paper flat on a plate and pile on your cooked rice noodles, shrimp, raw salmon, carrots, avocado, cucumber and basil
*The rice paper is under there, it's just hard to see because it's nearly see through!
6. Wrap it up like a burrito and cut in half
7. Serve with soy sauce and the sweet chili glaze, and ENJOY!


Lisa said...

YUM! Yes, I do have to try them! These look amazing! :::stomach growling:::

Stephanie said...

ahhemmmmm ahhheemmmmmm cough cough

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