Shed Razzle Dazzle

Soooo... Tool Gal Robinson's been at it again, this time with paint and nails.
Yes- believe it or not, I found an empty crevice on this property 
that I had not yet attacked.
 And do you know where I had to go to find it?
The back yard shed.
-But I don't care, Ladies and Gentlemen-
I pounced!
Never mind the fact that I don't own this property.
Or that I always fail to ask the actual owners of the house if they mind me 
tearing up/painting/drilling/redesigning parts of it.
I always just assume that when they move back in, they'll see everything I've done
and love it.
or they could refuse to give me back my safety deposit.
let's hope for the former.

anyway, the shed!
I'd wanted a place to hang up my gardening tools.
I have a gardening bag, but I find it a real pain to use.
See, I never remember to put it away, and it ends up getting filled with rain and old leaves.
 I find this gross.
so instead of becoming more responsible about putting my things away (because that sounded boring), 
I got a hammer, chalkboard paint and nails and created this!
I mean shed doors are just screaming for a little razzle dazzle, don't ya think?
But then my OCD, 'will.go.crazy.if.things.aren't.even' wheels started spinning.
what could I put on the other shed door?
more tools! 
boys' tools!
grill, baby, grill tools!
~the finished product~
how handy is that?
Now if only I'd get inspired to clean the darn thing...
Here's Kenzie girl checking out my handy work.
I think she approves :).



Hanky & Harvey Group said...

love it!!

Lacey said...

So sweet!.. I love this idea!.. Thanks for sharing!..

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